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This is a fact of scientific knowledge that undoes many fear created taboos. Of course ecstasy is healthy. All your glands are secreting the best kind of chemicals; your entire body loves ecstasy because it stimulates everything with super positive energy. It is pure health and happiness. So, what about all the very real potential to hurt each other where we are most open and vulnerable? Yes... and this comes from our wounded natures. Let this concern go for now. Let's get this foundational thing right so we can deal with human relationships from a place of supreme health. Let's get our concepts in harmony with natural reality. Let's get ourselves happily, healthily real.

What if our most open, free flowing, sensitive nature really is ecstatic? What if joy is our most healthy state on all levels of our being? Wouldn't that be good news? Wouldn't that give us something really positive to uncover? Of course, sex is only one aspect of Life. We don't want to be trapped in sexual energy, but rather to dip into it gracefully and freely. To dance in it. To whirl. To relax open. To shout and celebrate the bliss of being. Then to rise up and live all aspects of our life with renewed gusto because we have taken a bath in the healthy chemistry of pure ecstasy which is linked to our deepest, wide open being.

The Yoni is such a work of divine art. Of course this picture is art. Most yonis do not look like this. But all yonis are beautiful. They are perfectly designed to be totally ecstatic. God didn't have to make us this way. We could come in heat twice a year like many animals — but we are designed for pleasure, always. Why? Could it be that the body expresses the nature of its deeper spiritual levels? Could it reflect our instinct to surrender wide open, to be penetrated by the pure essence of spiritual Light? Could God be the supreme joy, the ultimate lover at last? Couldn't it be true that our body is ecstatic because our soul is ecstatic in its essence as it opens wide to the freedom of pure Love, the supreme beauty of being?

Enjoy women's breasts. It is so natural and healthy... and so primary. These are breasts in their springtime beauty. But what about the beauty of women's bodies after years of raising children, or the toll time takes on them in many ways? Can we expand our sense of Love and beauty to embrace all women, all humans, all beings, to see beauty everywhere?
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